What makes the perfect bath?

Valentine's day is fast approaching, and the image of a warm, fragrant bath filled with rose petals is fit for the occasion. So, why not? Whether you choose to share your bath or spend it alone, you’ll feel gorgeous after that long steamy soak.

Here's what you'll need to create the perfect bath:

1. Start with a clean tub. No one wants to lie in a dirty space.
2. Make time. I'm sure you can set aside at least 20 mins of undisturbed “alone time.”
3. The perfect warm-almost-hot water you can stand. Dip those fingers and test till you get it right. It makes a huge difference.
4. Your favorite bath product. Will it be a fizzy bath, a flower soak or a bubbly one? You choose.
5. A drink. Choose your poison.
6. Entertainment. A book, a cellphone, or any music of your choice.

Now that that's all figured out, you know what to do. Enjoy!