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The Soak Experience | Soak Artisan Soap


Like a lot of things Soak was born thru curiosity, a hobby turned addiction. It all started with our very first soap. It was amazing how a plain, imperfect, piece of soap had such great results. We still hold on to it to this day.

Coming from a creative background we wanted our soap to do more than just clean. We want it to awaken your senses, release feelings and relive happy memories. We want you to be transported to far away places as you enjoy a mini escape in the shower. We want everyone to feel how we felt about our soap.

Our design process was different every time. Inspiration was endless, they were everywhere. Designs came in dreams, people, art, nature and everything around us.

A year was then spent perfecting our recipe, trials, errors and a lot of happy surprises came. With too much soap on our hands, we decided to share it with friends and family. That's when all the orders poured in.

Soak is our passion, which has now blossomed into a business. It has always been a canvas for us to express our imagination. Our recipe was designed for us and now we share our experience with you.

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